About the ISSIA

ISSIA (Inter-school Social Issues Association) is an international, student-led group based in Hong Kong. We aim to foster stronger inter-school links and create a network and platform for discourse on social issues. Currently, ISSIA has over 200+ active staff members from 40+ schools throughout Hong Kong. In addition, we have also expanded internationally, with contributors from the U.S, India, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and the U.K!

We produce a variety of multimedia content, including magazines, podcasts, webinars, surveys and videos. In the forthcoming year, we intend to launch a series of live events and programmes, ranging from workshops, conferences and the introduction of school chapters.

ISSIA prides itself on having an active community and network of passionate individuals, all working to shed light on pressing issues and providing an inclusive platform for social engagement and student voice; the notion of civil discourse has never been more important and is central to our driving ethos - one we will continue to uphold.

ISSIA Magazine

We recently launched our flagship print magazine: ISSIA Magazine - Hong Kong's first inter-school magazine. The ISSIA Magazine intends to be the pre-eminent platform of student voice, featuring a plethora of student work.

We integrate the study of the humanities and social sciences into our take of social issues, offering insights on topics such as social justice, mental health, human rights, culture and socio-political quandaries. We also feature more academic articles and interviews. The ISSIA Magazine is also a platform for other multimedia forms of expression, such as student artwork and photography.

Please note: the views and opinions expressed in the ISSIA Magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of ISSIA HK unless indicated otherwise.

ISSIA Podcast

In addition to the magazine, we also have a weekly podcast programme in which contributors discuss contentious topics ranging from social apathy in Hong Kong to intersectional feminism. We also discuss academic topics e.g. nihilism, economic systems and more!

ISSIA Online

Our online magazine platform serves as the base for our multimedia content and the main website for ISSIA. We also introduced “ISSIA Weekly”, a weekly roundup of select articles from ISSIA Online! We currently have over 80+ articles in line to be released through various means!

ISSIA Research

We have conducted comprehensive surveys, investigating social engagement in high school students in Hong Kong (100+ respondents). Our second survey focused on and the effects of COVID-19 on student wellbeing and student opinion on online learning (60+ respondents).

Upcoming Initiatives and Projects

ISSIA Events

We are looking to introduce a consistent stream of high-quality, high-impact events. Current plans include a “Youth NGO Forum”, community quizzes, student-led forums, debate and MUN programme and a large-scale Social Issues Festival.

Multimedia Team

We are expanding our multimedia coverage. We are working on a documentary series, diversifying the content for our podcasts and expanding our research and advocacy efforts.


We have three main areas of expansion 1) local schools 2) universities 3) international. We are looking to expand recruit on all three fronts, helping make our community even more diverse!