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The Hong Kong LGBTQ+ Identity

In many modern societies, heterosexual relationships are considered the ‘norm’, insti(...)

Are you Taking OWNership of your future?

The future is uncertain, now more than ever. The increasing competition, the growing (...)

The War Generation

Literature has always been a tool for telling stories of nations, communities and ind(...)

Discrimination Against Women: the Legal System and Economic Prospects

Despite supposedly being impartial, the law remains a cornerstone in discriminating a(...)

Russian Protests; the End of Putin?

‘Everyone says corruption is everywhere, but for me it seems strange to say that and (...)

Redefining Home: Third Culture Kids

Who are you? How do you identify yourself? Where are you from? These questions seem e(...)


So puny, so paltry,

The Dangers of Social Media in Times of Conflicts

As we all know, social media is chock-full of hazards. Scams? Check. Unsafe links? Ch(...)

All My Years Taught Me Nothing, So I Give Them to You

“what is not sought after is never found,”

Why Barbie Girl is Voted 'Worst Song of the 90’s'

Barbie Girl is composed and performed by a Danish dance-pop group Aqua. Released in M(...)