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History and Future of Atomic Weapons

“I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Human Morality: Are We Born Good or Evil?

Chinese philosopher Mengzi believed that humans are born with good instincts, but tem(...)

The Bleak Reality of Kai Tak Development

Kai Tak was once the symbol of hope, excellence and prosperity of Hong Kong, until it(...)

Should Gaming Be Regulated by the Government?

Gaming addiction is under the spotlight in China as regulators bid to tighten control(...)

Tutoring Culture in Hong Kong

Introduction (Ishita Gupta)

Why there is No Ethical Production Under Capitalism

What does ‘There is no ethical production under capitalism’ mean? It is a spin at t(...)

The Profound Impact of COVID-19 on Women Around the Globe

The past few decades have seen some improvement with women's rights and gender equali(...)

The Problematic Portrayal of Mental Health in ‘13 Reasons Why’


Today's Male Beauty Standards: Feasible or Farcical?

When you consider how, ideally, a man should look, what do you think of? Perhaps the (...)

Should Coding be Taught as a Core Subject, Like Maths and English?

Imagine diving into a world filled with endless possibilities, and the only limit is (...)