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Can Online Classes Replace Face-to-face Teaching?

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, schools have been suspended, and in its place - onli(...)

The Debate over Confederate Monuments

Before you look at this article and dismiss it as another oversaturated heap of comme(...)

Are You Really in Control of Your Thoughts as Much as You Think You Are?

Mind control. Brain-washing. Coercion. Are these mystical concepts still reserved mer(...)

Tiktok and Metabolism Drops: The Road To Eating Disorders

To many, TikTok is the new, hot breeding ground for self-expression. A home that has (...)

“Fallout” and the Not-Infallible Theory of Mutually Assured Destruction

The Fallout franchise, a popular game franchise owned by Bethesda Game Studios, adop(...)

No, Transgender People Do Not Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes––and Here’s Why

Caitlyn Jenner. Jazz Jennings. Laverne Cox. These are some well-known female celebrit(...)

Roe v Wade Versus Trump

Roe v Wade, a landmark verdict which altered the prospects of thousands of women, thr(...)

New Year Message from ISSIA HK

Dear all,

The Death Penalty and the Justice System: Why Are We Sentencing Innocent People to Death?

Should the death penalty be allowed? Should we be given the power to condemn people t(...)

Yemen: What can We Do to Help?

The crisis started when a political transition was meant to bring stability to Yemen.(...)