New Year Message from ISSIA HK

Dear all,

Yemen: What can We Do to Help?

The crisis started when a political transition was meant to bring stability to Yemen.(...)

How Hong Kong's Billion-Dollar Tutoring Industry Reflects Systemic Issues with Our Education System

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ISSIA’s 2020 Physical vs Online School Survey

ISSIA’s aims to connect and strengthen the link between Hong Kong schools, Internatio(...)

The Natural Telos of Education

Examining the purported purposelessness of our education system

MLM (Multi-level Marketing): Why you Shouldn't Join

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The Ugly Truth of the Korean Wave

The Korean Wave refers to the immense rise in global popularity of Korean culture whi(...)

New World Order

This article explores contraception and the importance of it in our world today. It l(...)

The False Promise of Plastic

A glittery pink block with small orange buttons. Looking at it now, it was a very che(...)

The Global Issue of Landfills and What We Can Do to Help

Have you ever found yourself wondering where your rubbish goes when you throw it away(...)