The Profound Impact of COVID-19 on Women Around the Globe

The past few decades have seen some improvement with women's rights and gender equali(...)

Roe v Wade Versus Trump

Roe v Wade, a landmark verdict which altered the prospects of thousands of women, thr(...)

The Death Penalty and the Justice System: Why Are We Sentencing Innocent People to Death?

Should the death penalty be allowed? Should we be given the power to condemn people t(...)

Stand In Solidarity

“No pride for some of us until liberation for all of us.” --Micah Bazant

Copaganda: Brooklyn Nine Nine in light of the BLM Protests

Brooklyn 99 (B99) is an American comedy TV show based on Brooklyn’s fictitious 99th p(...)

Tip of the Iceberg: Police Militarisation in the BLM Movement

To say that the widely documented death of George Floyd has given rise to a maelstrom(...)

It’s Time to Look Beyond Feminism

People aren't feminist anymore.

Colorism: The Perpetrator of Anti-blackness in Indian Communities

I asked a few of my non-Indian friends to name the first Indian celebrity that came t(...)

Remedying America’s Most Nefarious System

There is something severely wrong with American public schools. And no, it has nothin(...)

College Admissions: Race, Power and Money

College. The transition from high school to adulthood. A place where dreams start an(...)
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