Local Issues

The Bleak Reality of Kai Tak Development

Kai Tak was once the symbol of hope, excellence and prosperity of Hong Kong, until it(...)

Should Gaming Be Regulated by the Government?

Gaming addiction is under the spotlight in China as regulators bid to tighten control(...)

Tutoring Culture in Hong Kong

Introduction (Ishita Gupta)

How Hong Kong's Billion-Dollar Tutoring Industry Reflects Systemic Issues with Our Education System

From playgroups for kindergarten, to DSE preparation for university admissions, , sup(...)

Teenage Crisis Pregnancies: Where are we Now, and What do we do Next?

Did you know that over 4000 children are living in residential homes (homes that “off(...)

Hong Kong’s Homeless And COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 has been the major topic in the media for the past few month(...)

The Left and The Right, in Hong Kong

The political spectrum is brilliantly diverse in different countries, and Hong Kong i(...)

How the Wealth Gap isn't Growing Closer

Hong Kong has been the world’s freest economy for nearly 25 years and during that tim(...)

The Battle for Climate Action

The battle against climate change has never been more urgent. With wildfires in Austr(...)