Local Issues

The Transition into Higher Education - Hong Kong Versus Other Countries

Choosing a university: crossroads, grocery shopping, and South Africa

Child disability in Hong Kong

Autism: complex, lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during earl(...)

The ‘Teen Scene’ of Lan Kwai Fong: Keeping Safe

Lan Kwai Fong

Stories Behind Closed Doors: My Experience of Working in a Domestic Helper NGO

Foreign domestic helpers are one of the most vulnerable groups in supposedly free and(...)

The Disappearing Dolphins of Tai O

Off the coast of Tai O, a local fisherman points of into the near distance at seeming(...)

The Bleak Reality of Kai Tak Development

Kai Tak was once the symbol of hope, excellence and prosperity of Hong Kong, until it(...)

Should Gaming Be Regulated by the Government?

Gaming addiction is under the spotlight in China as regulators bid to tighten control(...)

Tutoring Culture in Hong Kong

Introduction (Ishita Gupta)

How Hong Kong's Billion-Dollar Tutoring Industry Reflects Systemic Issues with Our Education System

From playgroups for kindergarten, to DSE preparation for university admissions, , sup(...)

Teenage Crisis Pregnancies: Where are we Now, and What do we do Next?

Did you know that over 4000 children are living in residential homes (homes that “off(...)